cakes perth cbd

Cakes perth cbd

The Little Cake Maker Perth creates and bakes beautiful and delicious celebration cakes, traditional cakes, slices, cupcakes, tarts as well as monthly dessert boxes filled with different selection of treats each month. Located in Perth, Western Australia.

Making this journey a little sweeter

Here, at The Little Cake Maker, we believe in sweetening up this journey we are all on together, and what better way to do that than with mouth-watering desserts! They have the ability to bring people together, transport us back in time, create lasting memories, and connect loved ones with each bite.

Delicious and delicate

Cakes perth cbd

Butter, water, flour, eggs: armed with this Fantastic Four of kitchen staples, the able cook can conjure a variety of dishes ranging from pastas to enriched breads. According to chefs Justine Routier and Quentin Lamblotte, these four ingredients are best put to use to make choux dough: the crisp, barely-there shell of classic French pastries such as eclairs and profiteroles.

Choux Bakery is due to open at the end of September.

Like most food operators, the couple had to put their business on hold when Covid-19 hit. Now that restrictions are lifting, they’re pressing go on the next chapter of the Choux story: a dedicated store.