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Bilger, who also suffered from chronic pain, became her business partner in 2017.

Now she promotes CBD, dedicating her life to growing the industry, including hemp wood and hemp food.

Anyone 21 or older can buy the products.

DeYoung, who started using CBD to help chronic neck pain, can only sell two types, not the third full-spectrum CBD products that contain THC, which is illegal to sell in Louisiana. The store will have broad spectrum items, which have every cannabinoid except for THC. Isolate CBD will also be available, which is a product solely made up of the cannabinoid CBD.

He said he wanted to make Cajun Cannabis different from the other CBD stores, so he will offer coffee — not with CBD — to make it the first cannabis cafe in the south. He also plans to offer classes to teach people the differences between hemp and marijuana.

Travis DeYoung wants to erase the negative stigma behind marijuana. For him, 420 no longer belongs to the stoner.

DeYoung wanted to carry both CBD options because he understands that some people are more sensitive to the chemical compounds than others.

Being downtown was a great location for Miss Reba’s to be able to help customers in the area that has seen growth and new businesses in the past few years, Louque said.

Shoppers are sometimes greeted by a 2-year-old Irishdoodle, the store’s namesake, who loves chin scratches.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is derived from hemp plants, which are the same species as marijuana but contain virtually none of the psychoactive compounds that get people high. To be legal in Louisiana, CBD must contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC.

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Walk into Miss Reba’s Green House downtown and immediately you feel the coziness of a homey café.

“We really wanted to build a place that you could sit in, see the botanical aesthetic and have a very welcoming feel for all demographics,” said owner and manager Joe Louque. “To me, it just really makes you feel at home, and it’s very soothing. It’s therapeutic.”

“A lot of the clientele of customers that we’ve seen come in for anxiety, trouble with sleep and are looking for products they can use during the day to help improve their quality of life, both mentally and physically,” Louque said.

When customers come in, the staff at Miss Reba’s are ready to answer any questions and usually start by asking anyone who is unsure of what they want “what are your specific needs?,” which can range from anxiety to pain.

All of the products sold in Miss Reba’s are registered with the Louisiana Department of Health.

The store carries multiple ways to consume or use CBD — bath bombs, topical creams, gummies, tinctures. Products can range from having the legally allowed 0.3% of delta-9 THC to broad-spectrum products that don’t have any.