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The Cameo Express Keypad can be customized to your convenience and use. It can be configured easily by the installer to accommodate 2 to 8 buttons. Moreover, each keypad is furnished with an assortment of button caps which come in 4 different sizes to support a variety of physical layouts. What’s more? These button caps can be ordered with custom laser engraving which can display the button’s function. Also, each button can cater to up to 3 different functions, if configured in that manner .

Cresnet comprises a simple yet flexible 4-wire network that provides bidirectional communication and 24 VDC power for all the Cresnet devices. It also supports up to 225 keypads and plenty of other devices like lighting controllers, shade motors, sensors acting as the backbone of wired communications .

Customizable Buttons

The Crestron Cameo Express Standard Mount Keypads have been designed for installation in a standard electrical wall box, making them perfect for installation in a multi-gang box alongside other low-voltage devices. Available in three different colours, the Cameo Express Keypads flaunt a smooth finish and popular off-the-shelf decorator-style faceplates .

The Cameo Express Keypad comes with 10 built-in flash patterns which enable flashing LED feedback with simplified programming and lesser traffic on the Cresnet® network. There are six pinhead-sized green LEDs that offer a fully customizable feedback to display the status of each button. Additionally, the onboard bar graph logic allows the feedback LEDs to function as a 6-segment bar graph display, providing a clear level indication when adjusting lighting and audio settings .

Enhanced LED Feedback

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Operations & Installation Guide – DOC. 6346A

Uploading a SIMPL Windows Program.

Programming with Crestron SystemBuilder or D3 Pro.

• Six switches, each programmable for left/right “rocker” action, single press operation, or press/hold mode, enabling up to 18 functions


Operations & Installation Guide – DOC. 6346A

Crestron C2N/C2NI-CB Series

Each Cameo keypad is supplied with six single-row button caps, three double-row button caps, and two triple-row button caps as well as two single-row spacers, one double-row spacer, and one triple-row spacer.

Features and Functions

• LED feedback and switch backlighting intensity are individually programmable

Mounting options include a choice of installation as a standalone device using Crestron’s exclusive flush-mounting system; or, for the domestic keypads, Decorator installation in a conventional gang-box using standard Decora ® style faceplates; or for the UK-style models, traditional mounting (electrical box optional). The flush-mounting system is the ultimate low-profile appearance that results in a footprint that is up to 75% smaller than a standard Decora style faceplate, and blends into any room effortlessly. Refer to Assembly and Installation procedures, which start on page 12, for details.