buy pure cbd crystals

Buy pure cbd crystals

The result of this extraction process is none other than small more or less powdery consistency crystals, reminiscent of icing sugar. Compared to oils or resins, whose CBD concentration rarely exceeds 20/22%%, CBD crystals are thus at least four to five times more concentrated.

CBD crystals pure cannabidiol, without THC

Pure, devoid of any flavoring agents or enhancers, they also benefit from simplified modes of use to say the least since it is possible to be satisfied with them place directly under the tongue. On the contrary, they can also be used in all types of preparations, for tailor-made products and composition.

A versatile product for all your preparations

CBD crystals are the purest form of cannabidiol, a perfectly legal cannabinoid, unlike its cousin THC. Thanks to its own extraction methods and the extreme attention paid to the quality of its products, is there for you guarantee the perfect legality of all products sold on our store, therefore including CBD crystals. However, it remains forbidden to smoke cannabis, even legal, as well as its derivative products. So this goes for CBD crystals. All the uses mentioned above remain perfectly legal. Just be sure to wait for the effects to appear before taking CBD crystals again : their concentration is important and an overdose, even without danger, will not allow you to obtain more important effects.

Buy pure cbd crystals

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