bubba kush cbd level

There is nothing genteel or petite about our Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower strain, which you will soon learn when you run it through the grinder. You may be surprised at the resistance as you give your grinder a minimum of two full turns, more likely three complete rotations. The end result is an exploded mass of beautifully textured plant material that smokes and vapes like the seasoned champ it is!

For newcomers to the world of CBD hemp flower strains, this may possibly be the finest introduction you can get! With a unique flavor that has you wanting more, along with the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief, our Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower strain may very likely become one of your top favorites as well!


Longtime consumers of hemp flower strains hold a special place in their hearts for our delectable Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower strain. It happens to be one of our own personal favorites as well; with its full fragrance, rich taste, and potent effects, it’s hard not to like this Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower strain!

Despite the extremely low concentration of THC, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.


The buds on this Bubba Kush prove the premium quality of this particular CBD hemp flower strain; as usual, you will find plump thick buds, colorfully populated with orange pistils and finished off with a silvery sheen of trichomes. Due to their size, when you break down a bud for grinding, it is recommended to separate out just a few smaller pieces and leave the remainder (usually more than half) of the flower on its stem for later sessions.

Bubba kush cbd level

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