bluumlab cbd disposable pod how to use

Looking for a tasty and affordable CBD Vape?This high quality CBD disposable vape pen contains 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD per device. This disposable CBD vape comes pre-filled and is ready to use out of the package. It is slim and discreet, and the perfect option for on the go, driving or lounging around!

This disposable vape contains no nicotine and NO Thc, it is free of addictive chemicals and is the perfect alternative to nicotine vaping. The flavors are fantastic, the vaping sensation is extremely smooth and best of all you can stop whenever you want without negative nicotine withdrawals!


Wholesale Vapor is an official distributor of wholesale BluumLab Bluum Pods disposable CBD vapes. This is a handheld all-in-one disposable cbd vape device. It contains the device, battery, heating element, and cbd vape juice filled pod fully assembled into a single unit and ready to use right out of the package. Simply take a draw on the device and you will be vaping CBD instantly. This device is designed to use up the vape juice inside of the unit and then to be disposed of/recycled after complete. The idea is to give your customers a way to instantly start vaping CBD. A great way to get them to try CBD to see if they like it before suggesting they buy a full bottle of cbd vape juice. A must have product for any vape shop looking to expand their product offering to CBD vape juice!

Please Note: There Are NO RETURNS On Prefilled Products.

Each Bluum disposable CBD vape contains 100mg CBD per .7ml of cbd vape juice. There are 4 BluumPod disposable cbd vape juice flavors to choose from including Mint, Mango, Kush, and Berry!