best breakfast cbd

Best breakfast cbd

Growing out of their former spot on their namesake Hardware Lane the new Katherine Place located cafe has all the previously loved components, just in a bigger more accommodating space. Yes, they still have their signature baked eggs as well as a raft of other heavy-hitters including a lobster benedict, just magnificent.

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Step into the architectural wonder that is Higher Ground and prepare for a brekky that’s as refined and enjoyable as the cafes surroundings. It’s very hard to choose wrong here but our choice is to opt for the ricotta hotcakes, topped with maple syrup, seasonal berries and cream, it's just bloody sensational. It may have been around of a while but it still holds up as one of the best in 2021.

Higher Ground

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Best breakfast cbd

On the weekend, this cafe from the team behind Top Paddock and The Kettle Black usually requires a wait β€” which is exactly why you should tee up a pre-work visit instead. The huge 160-seat heritage-listed powerhouse on the corner of Little Bourke and Spencer streets is impressive to say the least; a palette of exposed brick and green marble is spread across a multi-level space, which includes an elevated dining area, an open kitchen, and a large mezzanine that holds couches, tables and its own bar. So, it’s the perfect place to breakfast alone or even hold a meeting. The brunch menu is served up until 3pm, boasting the likes of avo on toast with a Vegemite emulsion, a spanner crab benedict and even a rendition of the famous Top Paddock ricotta hotcake.

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While Melbourne’s obsession with weekend breakfasts is ingrained in its identity, the first meal of the day is sometimes overlooked during the week in favour of a few more snoozes and a couple of extra minutes in a warm bed. We’re all about those zzzs, but it’s no excuse for skipping brekkie β€” especially if you work or study in the city. Morning meal options abound in the CBD, with cafes opening early during the week, ready to ply you with good food and even better coffee to start that day right.

So, for the sake of nutrition, productivity and your tastebuds, we’ve put together a list of the best spots for a top-notch weekday breakfast. Take a moment to sit down, read the news and digest before you get locked into the daily grind.

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