barre cbd

Barre cbd

If you’re in need of a fitness boost that’s all about toning up, Xtend Barre – the home of high-energy barre in Melbourne – is a fantastic fitness studio situated in the CBD, just a short walk from Southern Cross station.

Drawing inspiration from pilates, ballet, and dance, Xtend Barre classes are unlike any other barre in Melbourne that we’ve stumbled across. The 55-minute sessions are modelled on ballet positions combined with high energy actions and resistance training. It gives you all the benefits of these training styles in one class that targets muscle toning, balance, and flexibility, as well as improving your core strength.

But Xtend Barre isn’t just for ballet buffs. Although barre stretches and strengthens the body using dance techniques, everything is set to a pumping soundtrack, so you’re in for a cardio session as well as those key toning and refining exercises. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to getting the most out of your workout, and the slick, modern studios come with heaps of helpful extras (like dry shampoo, deodorant, hair straighteners…)

Barre cbd

Our ballet heritage. Although you absolutely don’t need any dance experience (or tutus) to enjoy barre, we can’t help but pretend to be an extra in Centre Stage in this space. It demands it.

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