barkers cbd

Eventually he decided to create his own new line of vegan and cruelty-free cannabinoid-infused products, including THC-free tinctures (for sleep, maintenance, or recovery) and a pain relief cream to target sore joints and muscles — a product which, in my opinion, blows similar options out of the water.

As I approach 30, I've been introduced to some ailments that eluded me in my early twenties, like two-day hangovers and neck and back pain that shows up seemingly out of nowhere and lingers for weeks. After one recent night of sleeping funny (or maybe it was hunching over my computer all day. hard to say!), I was left with a stiff, sore neck that haunted me for days. I was getting desperate for relief and my boyfriend was sick of hearing me complain. But just as I was about to book a trip to the chiropractor, Travis Barker's new line of CBD products showed up at my door. (Yes, that Travis Barker of Blink-182 and Kourtney Kardashian fame.)

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Barker said he started working on Barker Wellness two years ago after coming off a grueling year of touring. Looking for something to help with recovery — and to wind down after an adrenaline-filled show — he tried "everything from cryotherapy to massage therapy." Then, he discovered CBD and finally got results, including helping him overcome years of insomnia.

At $120, this cream isn't cheap (and it obviously won't replace a trip to the doctor for more serious issues), but if you too suffer from near-daily WFH aches and pains, it might just help.

After more than a week of relentless pain, applying this product to my neck just a few times brought me relief that no other CBD cream did. I've even shared it with friends who have come over with backaches and sprains, converting them into fans (it also doesn't hurt knowing that Kourtney likely also uses the product!).

Barkers cbd

All four tinctures contain MCT oil derived from coconuts, broad-spectrum hemp oil extract, and natural vegan flavoring. The company also sells other vegan products including pain relief cream, and sleep, maintenance, and recovery tinctures for humans.

Vegan musician Travis Barker’s CBD brand, Barker Wellness, has launched a line for cats and dogs.

Are All Barker Wellness Products Vegan?

The vegan CBD for pets debuted on April 30 and comes in two meat-flavored variates: all-natural beef and all-natural tuna. They also come in two concentrations—250 mg and 500 mg.

During a 2019 episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, Barker revealed he went vegan after surviving a plane 2008 plane crash.

After having to eat meat in the hospital, I got out and I never wanted to eat anything that came from an animal again,” he explained to Vice in 2015. Speaking with Men’s Journal, Barker added that being vegan has given him “endless amounts of energy.”

Barkers cbd

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