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Founded by Joe Green in the year 2002 · Online store for cannabis seeds Amsterdam Genetics offers their customers a range of regular, fem, and medical strains, all producing high-yielding plants peerless in superiority. Buy on Seedsman today. Hunting down the best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam? Check our top! Buy @ Weedseedsexpress and GET FREE SEEDS + BEST SERVICE + FASTEST SHIPPING!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is an online store for cannabis seeds. It offers cannabis seeds of indica, sativa, regular, CBD, hybrid, premium, auto-flowering, feminized, and white variety. It also offers products such as cannabis fertilizers, CBD oil, and vaporizers. It claims to have more than 100 strains and delivers its products worldwide.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Overview

Founded Year 2002

Location Diemen, Netherlands

Company Stage Unfunded

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Amsterdam Genetics

With their genetics deeply rooted in the history of some of the most famous coffee shops on the planet, including Boerejonges, Tweede Kamer, and Coffeeshop Amsterdam, it is no wonder that Amsterdam Genetics considers themselves expert cannabis connoisseurs.

At the beating heart of the cannabis world, Amsterdam Genetics is a modern and innovative group of qualified expert breeders based in the Dutch Capital.

With a team of vastly experienced professionals, their growing reputation has arisen from understanding customer demands and consistently high-quality seeds with incredibly sought-after genetics.

Amsterdam Genetics offers its customers a range of regular , fem , and medical strains, all producing high-yielding plants that are peerless in superiority.

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Cannabis Seeds Amsterdam Guide

Because cannabis seeds were not allowed in most countries until recently, breeders have hardly been able to develop. The development of high quality cannabis seeds is therefore still lagging behind in many countries. This makes it difficult for many people to buy marijuana seeds of a solid quality.

However, this doesn’t apply to countries where cannabis has been tolerated or legal for a long time. Consider for example the Netherlands. The best cannabis seeds therefore still come from Amsterdam and probably the Netherlands will always remain at the forefront of cannabis. Many growers who want to buy high quality cannabis seeds from Amsterdam are therefore dependent on the internet. But what are the best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam? Check our top 5 below.

Top 5 best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

Amnesia Haze

Probably the best type of weed in Amsterdam, because say it yourself. The Amnesia Haze is popular with almost every weed lover and if you have never smoked it then this weed is definitely on your wishlist. The unique taste and effect provide a refined but powerful effect. Not without any reason a cup winner in 2004 and 2012. Moreover, the plant is fairly easy to grow. So give it a try yourself!

Super Silver haze

Super Silver Haze (Cannabis Cup winner in 1997, 1998 and 1999) has been one of the best coffee shop classics for decades. This weed can therefore be found in almost every coffee shop in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. The powerful weed (21% THC) provides a long-lasting body stone and an uplifting effect. Moreover, due to its Sativa properties, the plant is very suitable for outdoor cultivation. Do you want to grow this plant yourself? We have the best Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds from Amsterdam in our range.

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White widow

The introduction of White Widow took place in Amsterdam in 1990. Originally grown by none other than the Dutch company “Green house seeds”, this type of weed has been one of the best types of Dutch weed for years. A treacherously strong weed for which you are actually warned during the breeding. The white resin crystals show that this is a sample. The effect is nice and creative and stimulates social activities. Moreover, the plant is very suitable for starting growers and is ready to harvest fairly quickly.

Haze 1

When we talk about classic strains and especially the classic strains from Amsterdam, there is one kind that should certainly not be missing. De Haze 1. A very powerful sativa with a high level of THC (21.5%) that provides a wonderfully mellow and creative effect. To grow this plant you need knowledge and patience. The flowering time can last 13 weeks, but if you can bear the patience you will be richly rewarded. A little less suitable for starting growers, but if you have experience then you will certainly enjoy this plant.

Power plant

The best often comes last. That also applies to this overview with the best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam. The Power Plant is certainly a strain that you must have grown at least once in your life. Indoor growers should take the strong odor into account because this plant can smell strongly. Compared to the Haze 1, this great Sativa has a fairly short flowering time. Besides the plant is easy to grow in almost any climate.

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Tips for buying cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

Cannabis seeds are for sale in many places in Amsterdam, but if you haven’t planned a vacation to Amsterdam for now, you can easily buy your cannabis seeds online. Whether you buy your cannabis seeds from us or from another seed company, do a little research beforehand, look for reviews and read the terms and conditions of the relevant seed bank. Buying cannabis seeds can entail the necessary risks if you live in a country where cannabis seeds are not allowed so it is always a good thing if you can use a delivery guarantee for example. Moreover, never buy your weed seeds on the black market. If something unexpectedly goes wrong with your order, you don’t have any buyer protection.

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