american shaman cbd springfield mo

American shaman cbd springfield mo

However, one legal expert warned that people who possess or sell CBD are putting themselves in jeopardy of breaking the law.

Natalie Christianson works at her parents’ shop. Every day she takes a few drops of CBD, or cannabidiol, by mouth. It soothes her anxiety, she says.

Wilkinson said the human body naturally produces CBD: “All you’re doing is supplementing what your body already has.”

Medical professionals weigh in

Wilkinson said she uses CBD to treat chronic pain. She said two and a half years ago, she was on 13 types of painkillers.

She used to have six panic attacks a day. She began self-medicating with “weed, drugs, alcohol, benzos, you name it.”

Legal expert weighs in

Though hemp and marijuana come from the same family of plants, they’re not the same, Emily Christianson emphasized to the News-Leader. The CBD oil that her business sells contains less than 0.03 percent THC, the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana.

Viets said prosecutors can decide whether they want to enforce penalties at their own discretion. He pointed to other states which had moved to crack down on CBD stores, including Iowa and Tennessee.

American shaman cbd springfield mo

Sanders owns a group of companies that includes a franchising office at 2300 Main St. in Kansas City, manufacturing operations on Southwest Boulevard and a new hemp processing facility in Montana. Sanders said those businesses directly employ about 150 people.

American Shaman’s website lists addresses for hundreds of stores that are “coming soon.” Often these addresses are not specifically where the store expects to be opened. The company often “pins” an address in the general area where a franchise is being planned.

When Sanders was 15, a Kansas jury convicted his father of involuntary manslaughter. The charge sent Stephen Vincent Sanders to the Kansas State Penitentiary.