25 1 cbd

For the ultimate synergistic experience. Boosted with levels of beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, and linalool to give a terped-up taste, our vapes are known to uplift and calm, and activate CB2 receptors to fire up the body’s own anti-inflammation processes.

Our 25:1 blend of CBD and THC. With TrueTerps cannabis terpene blend added back in just before filling.

TrueTerps Cannabis Terpenes

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As legendary as the practice of shamans giving medicine in turtle shells, the cannabinoids and terpenes we extract give life to all of our products.

500mg adjustable air flow vape cartridge cut only with our TrueTerps Cannabis Terpene Blend. Smooth full hit, great taste, and no leaks!

Know what you’re inhaling.

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We use high quality cultivars, no synthetic cOhemical pesticides, and products that are never remediated. Our CO2 extracted cannabis undergoes advanced biotech filtration, delivering the safest and highest quality cannabis oils on the market. No stalks, leaves, or seeds are used in our CBD extracts, just pure flower grown in Colorado!

Sandeep – May 24, 2019

25 1 cbd

Cannabidiol, on the other hand, has shown to potentially have protective effects against certain side effects from THC. Certain cultivars of the plant can cause people to have anxiety, but with an additional dose of CBD a person’s anxiety might just melt away.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding THC & CBD Ratios

Some studies have shown that CBD might have antipsychotic properties.[1] One recent case-control study found that the use of marijuana with high levels of THC may be associated with an increased risk of psychosis, especially when its CBD levels are low. [2] In countries such as England and the Netherlands where highly THC-concentrated cannabis is regularly used, recent studies have shown an increased incidence of schizophrenia, in comparison to countries like Italy where more traditional cannabis varieties that have lower concentrations of THC are used. [3]

Figuring Out Individual Needs

A 0:1 ratio means that there’s no CBD mixed in with THC in the product. This means you’ll likely experience THC’s euphoric effects, so if you are sensitive to THC, you might experience its adverse effects. Some people prefer isolated THC, because it can provide pain and inflammation relief. It can also potentially boost a person’s mood and energy. If you enjoy a strong psychoactive high, this ratio may be a good option.